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Press Release is an official statement with vital information intended to reach the readers or viewers through media. Press Release also known as News Release is often a one page straightforward self-explanatory statement, conveying the message in a crisp and easily comprehendible manner. It is the most effective tool, for sharing critical information pertaining to an individual, association, Government or Corporate. Press Release helps to generate instant mass awareness on the information shared, which could be of public interest or promotion of an individual, a cause or a company’s product or service.

While opting for the press release service, it is imperative to focus on the key aspects which ensure media coverage from it. The release needs to be drafted to grab the attention of the journalist and should have all the relevant information. It needs to be circulated among the relevant journalists, as journalists have different domain expertise and interests and the release landing on the wrong desk risks being tossed in the trash can.

The spurt in the Online Media off late and their rising popularity, make them very attractive. The Press release drafted for the traditional off-line media, is disseminated among Online media too. With online media, it’s a win-win proposition, as they have the space to publish often the entire content shared in the press release along with the pictures, while the offline media due to space constraint, publish just a snippet of the same.

Totem PR with its two decade expertise is adept at drafting apt Press Releases, which share optimum information. Our press releases are consciously written to fulfil media’s criteria of being comprehensive and concise and that enables them to make the cut and get published.

Totem PR is a niche player, servicing Client’s needs in specific geographic locations and therefore renders press release services in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana alone. The strengths we bring to the table are unique in terms of intensive penetration, reach and rapport with the journalists in every nook and corner of these two states. The insights Totem PR has about the journalists here and the kind of stories that appeal to them, place us a notch above the competition and enable us to live up to the trust Clients place in us.

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