• Tollywood Diva Malvika Sharma flags-off Cancer Super Car Rally to commemorate World Cancer Day!
  • Actress Catherine received them at Apollo Cancer Institutes and felicitated them 
  • Super Car owners’ donning T- shirts & cars sporting stickers of “I AM and I WILL” spread the message of early detection & prevention of Cancer  

Hyderabad, February 2021: On the occasion of World Cancer Day 2021, Apollo Cancer Institutes, Hyderabad, organized a Cancer Awareness Super Car Rally, to commemorate the World Cancer Day, today. Tollywood Diva Malvika Sharma flagged off the rally at Necklace Road. The celebrity owners of Hyderabad’s twenty plus super cars took part in the drive for a noble cause and to sensitize the public on cancer prevention and detection. They highlighted this year’s message on World Cancer day “I AM and I WILL” through the entire stretch of the race from Necklace road (IMAX circle) to Apollo Cancer Institutes, Jubilee Hills; via Banjara Hills Road No.1, LVPEI Marg and KBR park. Later,

On completion of the race, the super car racers joined, Tollywood heartthrob Catherine Tresa; Malvika Sharma, Dr Vijay Anand Reddy, Director, Apollo Cancer Institutes, Hyderabad; Dr SVSS Prasad, Sr. Consultant Medical Oncologist; Dr Vijay Karan Reddy, Consultant Oncologist;    Apollo Cancer Institutes; and cancer warriors, on completion of race at the Apollo Cancer Institutes, Jubilee Hills. The Racers of the Cancer Awareness Super Car Rally, were appreciated for their support for the cause and were felicitated by Ms Catherine Tresa.

70% of Cancers detected today are due to our lifestyle! Cancer is the number one killer disease in the world, in our country too the incidence of cancer is on the rise. Awareness is critical to make people understand that minor modification in lifestyle, be it healthy diet, no smoking, waking up early and doing regular exercise especially in the morning has to be cultivated from an young age. These can make a huge difference not just for cancer but for all the five major killer diseases of diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, paralytic strokes besides cancer, they would reduce the chances of being inflicted by all these diseases significantly. Also cultivate the habit of eating salads, green leaves and fruit with every meal, these have plenty of antioxidants that protect you from the five major diseases. Never ever smoke or chew tobacco are even get into the company of those addicted to these unhealthy habits, they are lethal, even if you are one, quit those habits, it’s never late. Adults should get screened for cancer regularly and if detected early, 90 to 95% cancers can be cured. Don’t run away from getting diagnosed of cancer, cancer is curable, millions have been cured of cancer and are leading a normal life.” says Dr Vijay Anand Reddy, Director, Apollo Cancer Institutes, Hyderabad.

The drivers donning T- shirts and cars sporting stickers of “I AM and I WILL” emphasized on the fact that ‘YOU’ could BE a student, teacher, engineer, doctor or any professional, but you need to take a pledge that YOU WILL join this fight against cancer. Your “part” in this battle can range from promising to eat healthy, stop smoking and help others do the same, exercising daily, to educate others about cancer etc. These little efforts from each individual can help overcome barriers of cancer prevention, screening, early detection and treatment.

The year 2020 has taught us all that an individual’s action can affect an entire community/city and even in countries across borders and oceans, but it has also taught us that when we get together nothing can beat our collective strength. Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the world, the present ‘pandemic’ I would say and on this world cancer day I would like to stress that each and every one of us, as individuals with our collective strength should fight this dreadful disease just like we fought Covid”, I AM AN ONCOLOGIST AND I WILL HELP MY PATIENTS BEAT CANCER, says Dr Vijay Karan Reddy, Consultant Oncologist, Apollo Cancer Institutes.

Malvika Sharma said, creating awareness about cancer is a noble cause and to connect with the youth and spread the message about cancer prevention among them, a car rally is an apt initiative, something like this appeals to the youth and they associate with the cause spontaneously. I had people in my family being inflicted with cancer and I know how traumatic it is, the suffering and pain that comes with it for the patient and the family. Even members in the family who are victims of passive smoking are vulnerable to cancer, hereditary can also be a cause. But the best part is, cancer is preventable, that needs massive awareness to ensure no one goes through the trauma of cancer. 

Catherine Tresa said, the message about cancer being preventable is loud and clear and this has to get across to the masses, awareness among the youth about this is the need of the hour. Its just about making the right lifestyle choices, please add fruits and vegetables to your diet, avoid deep fry, don’t consume microwave food, limit alcohol consumption say not to tobacco. Do not shy away from regular cancer screening as early detection can cure cancer. Also it is important to realise that there are vaccines for cervical and liver cancer, please get yourself vaccinated as well.    

The colourful super car Rally had luxury cars like Mercedes e63, BMW m3, Ferrari 812SF, Ferrari 488, Lamborghini Huracan perfomante, Audi r8, Porsche Carrera, Lamborghini Aventador, lined up to spread the message on Cancer loud and clear. 

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About CURE Foundation CURE Foundation, founded by Dr. P. Vijay Anand Reddy in 2003, is a spirited initiative to create consciousness on cancer prevention, early detection, cure and rehabilitation especially for the needy. In addition to spreading awareness for the benefit of the society, the foundation has so far facilitated State of the art Cancer Care to more than 1300 needy patients, especially children and engaged in numerous rehabilitation, research and education programs.